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In the past years, we’ve been working hard on providing EAI and B2B solutions for a broad set of industries from banking to healthcare, hospitality or retail. With a team of 15+ years of experience and recognized Microsoft Gold Partners for Application Integration, we know how to build complete end-to-end Enterprise Integration solutions to address your needs; and we know how to automate your key external processes.

Now, imagine if we bring some intelligence to your integration platform. What insights can we extract to improve your business? Let's go to the next level!

Some of our projects


Implementation of the latest version of BizTalk Server and technological modernization at Unicre

The technological modernization powered by the BizTalk Server ecosystem allowed Unicre to take advantage of all the new features and superior performance of the 2016 version and optimize the execution, workflow and integration of existing business processes. The new BizTalk Server version was implemented with an iterative process, fulfilling a set of pre-agreed actions of diagnosis, migration deployment, quality and production tests. Know more >


Information dissemination platform at Continente Online

Create IT was responsible for the analysis, architecture and design of the Continente Online integration solution. To this end, the Microsoft BizTalk Server integration platform was selected, combining Sonae's business knowledge and Create IT's strong background in this type of projects. The platform started by supporting Continente and continued to evolve to respond to different business concepts: Wells, School Books, Continent B2B or Darkstore.

Integration Hub at Luz Saúde

The new integration platform (HUB), developed by Create IT in partnership with Luz Saúde, aims to provide a platform for information exchange in a robust, efficient and automatic way among the several group systems. An architectural approach was defined to implement a middleware supported by BizTalk Server, OutSytems and Oracle (HUB), combining the internal knowledge of Luz Saúde in OutSystems and Oracle, with the great experience of Create IT in BizTalk Server.

SOA platform at Pestana Group

Create IT has developed an SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) platform in BizTalk Server to provide access services to Micros Opera RS: the reservation system used by Pestana Group. These services are built around a .NET integration layer with Opera RS, also developed by Create IT and used by the various portals of the Pestana Group. Pestana portals and mobile apps manage more than 86 hotel units and more than 9000 rooms worldwide.



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Our Offering

Cloud & Hybrid Solutions

Today, everyone realizes the benefits of a cloud-based solution. Established companies are eager to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the cloud and the proliferation of SaaS applications into their businesses.

However, moving all-in to the cloud is still not a viable solution, for most companies. Whether due to regulatory compliance, security, privacy concerns or other reasons, many times legacy systems must be kept running on-premises.

Hybrid Integration is the key. Hybrid cloud integration assures integration between on-premises systems and cloud systems, seamlessly. You can have the best of both worlds and moving to the cloud can be done at your own pace.

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Cloud & Hybrid Solutions


We love Enterprise Application Integration!

With a team of 15+ years of experience and recognized Microsoft Gold Partners for Application Integration, we know how to build complete end-to-end enterprise solutions to address your needs.

In the past years, we’ve been working hard on providing EAI solutions for a broad set of industries from banking to healthcare, hospitality or retail.

But there’s more! Not only we integrate with established Line of Business applications (SAP, Siebel, SQL Server and Oracle Databases), we can also build your platform around newer SaaS platforms.

Now, imagine if we add some intelligence into EAI. Market predictions and consumer recommendations are only a small step ahead.

Enterprise Integration: EAI


B2B integration is an old concept. But it’s still a challenge to most businesses.

The keyword here is automation. Companies can achieve a competitive advantage by automating their key external processes, for instance, those involving customers and/or suppliers.

We have an extremely experienced integration team capable of dealing with all the specific industry (retail, health, finance) messaging standards (EDI, HL7, SWIFT) and also newer B2B applications.

Let's automate your business?


BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server is one powerful full-feature integration-oriented technology. Having 13+ years of experience with BizTalk, we successfully surpassed all kinds of integration challenges with this technology.

With the help of our team, you can automate business processes and significantly reduce internal operation costs. All of this is done with BizTalk Server, by building a platform that connects with all your existing software.

BizTalk Expert Services is also on our spectrum. We can analyze your existing BizTalk Server solution and enhance it. Make it simpler. Improve your internal operation performance by connecting distinct solutions into one!

BizTalk Server

App Modernization

Our experienced and incredible team can help you modernize your enterprise solutions! Whether it's about …

  • moving to the cloud or upgrading your current BizTalk installation
  • creating event-driven solutions or a microservices architecture
  • deploying containerized apps or building a serverless environment

… we can help you!

By using modern engineering practices and technologies we can breathe new life into your legacy applications.

Let us make an assessment and surprise you!

App Modernization


  • Proven experience in building and integrating e-commerce solutions for the Retail and Hospitality industries
  • Secure integration with the most relevant payment gateways
  • Custom e-commerce solutions creation to meet your specific business requirements
  • Intelligence integration in your e-commerce solution through machine learning and other Artificial Intelligence capabilities
  • Our knowledge in both on-premises and cloud integration technologies is crucial to develop scalable and connected e-commerce platforms
  • We are the right team for the job!

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